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Call for Proposals has ended!

Submissions were accepted until February 1st, 2019

Please register as a speaker to submit your abstracts.

Spring Conference 2019 on May 23rd in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Call for Proposals Talk Ideas

The NLUUG is proud to announce the Spring Conference 2019 on May 23rd in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
We invite you to submit a proposal for a talk or workshop for our conference in the realms of Open Source and Open Standards,
we accept talks for any subject on open standards, open source, and other technical topics.

Some examples of talks we would like to see for this conference are:

Please prepare talks of 45 minutes or workshops of max. 90 minutes. Talks and workshops can be given in Dutch or English.
All submissions will be taken into consideration. If you feel you have a topic related to Open Source or Open Standards that is worth sharing, please let us know!

To send in an abstract for the conference, please register as a speaker and submit the following information:

Please submitting your abstract before February 1st, 2019.
If you have any other questions about the conference you can send us an email at cfp@nluug.nl.

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